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Hellblazer is the revolting, gory, fascinating story of John Constantine, a violent and antisocial occult detective from London! He swears a lot and generally gets himself in a bunch of trouble, but he’s worth the read if you like that sort of thing.

Constantine is found in most Swamp Thing collections beginning with volume 3, The Curse. He appears in every subsequent volume of the 1985 series and in volume 1, Bad Seed, of the 2004 series. He also appears in the final chapter of Brightest Day and Sandman.* He’s appeared recently in Justice League DarkAnimal ManPhantom StrangerI, Vampire, and Sword of Sorcery. However, if you want to read any of those things, I suggest you look them up yourself! I’ve only included here what I have of the Hellblazer series and not what I have of Constantine’s comic appearances.

Note: Some of the Hellblazer Specials tie into the Original Series. For a complete reading list of the trades, go here: [x]

Hellblazer Series: 

  1. Original Sins (1-9) 
  2. The Devil You Know (10-13)
  3. The Fear Machine (14-22)
  4. Family Man (23-33)
  5. Dangerous Habits (34-46)
  6. Bloodlines (47-61)
  7. Tainted Love (62-71)
  8. Damnation’s Flame (72-77)
  9. Rakes at the Gates of Hell (78-83)
  10. Not Collected into Trades (84-100)
  11. 10b. (101-111)
  12. 10c. (112-120)
  13. 10d. (121-128)
  14. Son of Man (129-133)
  15. Haunted (134-139)
  16. Setting Sun (140-143)
  17. Not Collected into Trades (144-145)
  18. Hard Time (146-150)
  19. Good Intentions (151-156)
  20. Freezes Over (157-163)
  21. Highwater (164-174)
  22. Red Sepulchre (175-180)
  23. Black Flowers (181-186)
  24. Staring at the Wall (187-193)
  25. Stations of the Cross (194-200)
  26. Reasons to be Cheerful (201-206)
  27. The Gift (207-215)
  28. Empathy is the Enemy (216-222)
  29. The Red Right Hand (223-228)
  30. Not Collected into Trades (229)
  31. Joyride (230-237)
  32. The Laughing Magician (238-242)
  33. Roots of Coincidence (243-244, 247-249)
  34. Not Collected into Trades (245-246, 250)
  35. Scab (251-255)
  36. Hooked (256-260)
  37. India (261-266)
  38. Bloody Carnations (267-275)
  39. Phantom Pains (276-282)
  40. Death and Cigarettes (292-300)

Hellblazer Specials: 

New 52: Constantine

I will keep this updated as new comics come. 
Please let me know if something doesn’t work or isn’t there.

They’re all compressed into rar files, so you’ll need something to open them first, or a comic reader like Simple Comic that reads the entire rar file without you having to decompress it. All the comics themselves are cbr or cbz files. You will need a comic reader like CDisplay, Comix, or MangaMeeya in order to read them. 

If you need a link to download a comic reader, please come ask. I will be happy to help. Also, if a link doesn’t work, please tell me so I can update or fix it.

Don’t forget to support your local comics store and the comics industry by buying the issues whenever you can! Constantine is a CURRENT series that you should definitely buy if you both like it and have the resources to purchase it. 

Also, Vertigo Comics have only recently been compiling updated Hellblazer Collections in proper chronological order, even including tie-in comics from other Vertigo series such as Swamp Thing. Before, they had made incomplete paperback trades, so now that they’ve released five of their new collections, go buy them if you like this series! 

Legal acquisition of this and that series can be achieved through the DC Entertainment Store, ComixologyBarnes and NobleAmazon, and your local comics shop.
Happy reading!

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DAREDEVIL published by Marvel Comics that started in 2011
Creators on the series: Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, Emma Rios, Kano Kano, Khoi Pham, Mike Allred, Jock, Javier Rodriguez, Marco Checchetto, Marcos Martin, and Chris Samnee

Continued from Daredevil (vol. 2). THE DEVIL IS REBORN. RENEWED. RESURRECTED. Having turned his world upside over the past several years, Matt Murdock realizes that justice may not be blind to his past and villains may not be the only ones looking for answers. If Matt Murdock could see what he was up against he’d be terrified.

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4
Issue 5
Issue 6
Issue 7
Issue 8
Issue 9
Issue 10
Issue 10.1
Issue 11*
Issue 12
Issue 13
Issue 14
Issue 15
Issue 16
Issue 17
Issue 18
Issue 19
Issue 20
Issue 21
Issue 22
Issue 23
Issue 24
Issue 25
Issue 26
Issue 27
Issue 28

Daredevil Annual #1

If you have the means, purchase them! Physical copies are your friends too.

*Stars the Omega Effect crossover (in order): Avenging Spider-Man #6, Daredevil #11, Punisher #10

Ms Marvel #6


Young Avengers Masterpost!!


There’s already a masterpost out there but that one didn’t include volume 2 so now that Young Avengers isn’t running, i figured i might as well make one that had everything up to the last! 

With comics, if you can, and if you like it, buy it, cos its important with stuff like young avengers to show that you like it so they know to produce more of it and more things like it, you know, comics about lgtb+ and poc teenagers with superpowers.

Okay here’s links to all of the young avengers comics, and comics the young avengers appear in, in order:

1) Young Avengers Volume 1; 2005

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (Special) 9 10 11 12 

2) Young Avengers and Runaways Civil War; 2006

1 2 3 4 

3) Young Avengers Presents; 2008

1:Patriot  2:Hulkling  3:Wiccan and Speed  4:Vision  5:Stature  6:Hawkeye

4) Young Avenger and Runaways Secret Invasion; 2008

1 2 3

5) Young Avengers Dark Reign; 2009

1 2 3 4 5 

6) Young Avengers Seige; 2010


7) Avengers Children’s Crusade; 2010

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (Special)

8) Young Avengers Volume 2; 2013

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 

To read online comics you probably need a comic reader, you can look at THIS to see which one you might wanna download for your computer

If any of the links are broken/wrong send me an ask and I’ll fix it!